Robert L. Albritton

Chairman and CEO, RCL Services Group, LLC

Bob Albritton started Railroad Controls LTD in 1994.  Since that time, and as a way of continuing to expand services to Class I railroads, he then formed RCL Wiring, LP in 2005, RCL Burco, LLC in 2008, and RCL Track Services, LLC in 2013.  He is currently Chairman and CEO of all RCL Services Group companies.

Michael L. Cook

President and COO, RCL Services Group, LLC

Mike Cook joined RCL in 2005 after a 24-year career at Union Pacific Railroad with various responsibilities in the Engineering Department.  In his current role as President, Mike is responsible for overseeing the overall operations of all RCL Services Group companies, including RCL Wiring, LP, RCL Burco, LLC, RCL Track Services, LLC, and Quiet Zone Technologies, LLC.

Damon D. Clovis

Senior Vice President and CFO, RCL Services Group, LLC

Damon Clovis joined RCL in 1999 as the Financial Accountant.  He currently serves as Senior Vice President and CFO of all RCL Services Group companies.  His duties include accounting and banking.  As a Certified Public Accountant, Damon brings over 21 years of business experience, including manufacturing, service and distribution, and construction to RCL Services Group.

Keith Kettner

Senior Vice President and General Manager, RCL Wiring, LP

Keith Kettner joined RCL in 2005, bringing with him 34 years of management experience in the Warehousing/Logistics field.  He currently oversees the warehouse/integration operations for all RCL Wiring customers relating to the Sedalia, MO facility.

D. Scott Grass

Vice President Signal Shop, RCL Wiring, LP

Scott Grass joined RCL in 2011 with 14 years of experience in both Class 1 and Short Line railroads.  He is currently Vice President of RCL Wiring where he is responsible for all operations of the RCL Wiring facility in Sedalia, MO.

Chris Hatfield

Operations Manager, RCL Burco, LLC

Chris Hatfield joined RCL in 2003 following the completion of his business degree at Marshall University.  Chris has experience in the field of information technology and accounting while working in the print business prior to joining the company.  He is now responsible for the operations of RCL Burco, LLC.

Will Albritton

AVP of Operations, RCL Track Services, LLC

Will Albritton has been a member of the RCL Track Services management team since its founding in November of 2013.  As AVP of Operations, he is charged with strategic planning and execution, as well as managing the day-to-day operations of RCLTS.  He has a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance from Texas A&M University and brings over 10 years of experience within the banking and railroad industries.

Raymond J. Lambert

General Director Asset Management, RCL Track Services, LLC

Ray Lambert joined RCL Track Services in May 2015, bringing with him over 38 years of railroad engineering, manufacturing and supply experience.  He currently oversees the sale and value added services of RCLTS’ rail inventory.