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Rail and OTM Services

RCL Track Services, LLC (“RCLTS“) is a full service rail and OTM service provider specializing in the safe and efficient removal of replacement rail and OTM from the railroad right of way. We also provide inventory management services and marketing of relay rail products. RCLTS drives value for its…
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Signal Wiring and Material Services

RCL Wiring, LP and its subsidiary, RCL Burco, LP,  (collectively hereinafter “RCLW”) jointly form the largest railroad signal material integration company in the United States.  Our mission is to deliver one hundred percent of signal project materials to our customer construction sites prior to the arrival of the construction crews that install the signals.

RCLW purchases and distributes the signal materials for three of the four largest…
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Warehousing and Logistics

RCL Burco, LP, (“RCL Burco”) has established itself as the leader in providing warehousing, packaging, inventory management and logistical services.

Class I, Regional and Short Line Railroads are using RCL Burco as an integral partner in reducing inventories and providing on time delivery to the job site. In addition to inventory reduction, these partnerships have resulted in significant savings on labor, transaction costs and…
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  Quiet Zone Tech JPG

Quiet Zones

Quiet Zone Technologies, LLC (“QZT“) was formed in May 2009 with the goal of providing the most cost effective solutions for establishing a Quiet Zone for communities seeking to increase their quality of life without compromising safety.  QZT has worked with numerous state and local agencies seeking to create a Quiet Zone under the Federal Railroad Administration Train Horn Rule.  We have conducted dozens…

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